LEDA (eng)

LEDA – Local Economic Development Advisors

LEDA is gathering business consultants, accountants, researchers and experts on economic issues. The majority of members are women. We cooperate with municipalities, we do advocacy in the field of economy, support small and medium sized businesses especially founded by vulnerable social groups, support associations, and provide consultancy on project management and finances for NGOs.

LEDA was founded in 2013. The initial project was to research the ways of taxing micro businesses in Serbia, discovering illogicalities and proposing changes to regulations that define the taxation process and cause illogicalities. At that time, the film Flat Tax Slapping was made. This film is based on our research story created by accountants throughout Serbia. The documentary was awarded in the competition for achievements in the field of combating the gray economy.

Svetlana Kozić, business consultant, is the president of LEDA.