Who we are

Initially named “Markers Consulting”,  the company was active from  2005 to 2016. After this period the owner became a member of parliament (Vojvodina province), and business was temporarily stopped. It is active again under a slightly different name “Markers business support” from June 2021.

Markers provides a wide spectrum of services in the field of economy, finances, NGO initiatives, marketing etc. It gathers a large number of consultants and builds teams in a combination of specialities needed for a topic of  research, analyses, training, consulting etc.

Markers is often involved in NGO activities through project creation, project management, PR, marketing, budgeting and research services. The owner is recognized as a person in business but with social initiative.

The majority of projects Svetlana Kozić initiated or took part in are based on efforts to economically empower persons from vulnerable groups, often women. Projects were  targeting national minorities, especially Roma. Markers provided training and financial advice or administrative support for those individuals. For the users it was a free service, sometimes covered by project budget, sometimes done voluntarily. 

For the needs of NGOs, Markers was analysing municipal budgets, finding sources of finances for initiatives and organizations important for society. Markers often participated in advocacy efforts and was discussing the effects of budget spendings. Svetlana Kozić was a person in front of the team, presenting findings at press conferences.

Our mission

Businessmen face a great challenge in the earliest stages of business. The market demands their response in various professional fields, and the nascent business is not ready to cover all the necessary expertise.

Small business in Serbia usually has an owner who is also a manager and who performs numerous business functions. He is a financial manager, marketing and development manager, he deals with logistics…. Multitasking puts this individual in a situation of mediocre success in all fields. A company that can grow faster suffers from the inability of its founder to reach all the places where there are opportunities.

Our first and foremost goal is for business owners to do what they have to do, and in the inability to hire a team of experts for all other intellectual support jobs, they delegate them to us. The second goal is to mobilize numerous freelance experts to do jobs in the field of their expertise for a large number of companies. At the moment, almost no one wants to hire some of these experts because they are not needed full-time every day. In other words, they are too specialized and overqualified for someone to let them do anything in the absence of their narrowly professional job. We at Markers, on the principle of outsourcing, provide the staff that companies need, but cannot keep them in employment. Thus, we provide businesses with the opportunity to rent experts for an hour, a day or a few days.

Our mission is to achieve double social utility – creating better conditions for business development, but also for the development of professional careers of engaged individuals.